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February 18, 2013
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Here it is, straight to your dA - Color Tanks.

So I worked on this game from end of July to the middle of November, with some breaks in-between. This is currently the finished game I'm mostly proud of, as I think it's really fun.

The controls are explained in-game.

Please enjoy.
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I belive playing through until beating the 2nd boss, it was time I critique this messy game.

First of all, the graphics. Or should I say masses of paint all over my screen (Your paying for the dry cleaning. XD) is colored, and a great break from seeing the usual games I play , while most newer games are all depressive and serious. This is cartoony and fun, which is what the newer games should be more like. I'm into this cutesy cartoon grapthics, stories that feel silly (A world of paintball tanks, and 6 plot items to collect)

But I also like how some of the pain splatter effects remain, stain the conveyer belts and not come off (Or they might have, couldn't see. Too much paint flying everywhere).

The controls are basic but at the max levels for a cute arcade game, the WASD movement is clean and smooth, especially sicne oyur best chances of surviving require you to never stop and mostly circle the map while holding down fire (Mouse aiming at the best possible).

Now for the powerups. Speed Up + 4 Shot + Homing = No survivors (Unless they'r not a tank) i consider a game breaker, maybe oyu could have made the 4-way shot slower or onyl a set amount of shots form your tank if you have homing shot. Would help balance it out. I like the ideas (Shooting downwards to propell yourself in the air while raining the deadly colors of the rainbow, fun. :D ). Great Power up types, but sometimes OP.

The music fits the happy theme, yet the boss music could be retro-ish still. To my conclusion thisgame just brightened my day, I will just spread the links around and it's a shame I can never make a game as good as this (Yet I made somthing harder than this. XD). :D
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16 out of 18 deviants thought this was fair.

Color Tanks is easy to play, and fun to waste time with, especially during boredom.
The movement, shooting, and level design all worked together to create a smooth experience. Basically everything you'd expect from a good Flash shooter.

The game lacked two major aspects: urgency and re-playability.
Urgency because I felt invincible. I fell in love with the power-ups section, but also felt that losing became impossible. In fact, I stocked up on power-ups and ran five-minute errand without pausing. Without worry. (Who needs to actually try when you have 100+ lives?)
Re-playability because, let's face it, the Color Tanks is a bit long for a fun-run type of game. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when my browser blinked out on me on level 5-2 (not the game's fault), I was hardly motivated to start from square one to see how it would all end. The levels, more specifically the phases of the levels, all seemed to mesh together into one giant heap.

Otherwise, a fun game for sure! The best moments were surely the boss battles, which involved a bit more skill and less thoughtlessness. The bosses were also very creative. Well put together, nicely polished, and I'd love to see what you create in the future.

I wish I could have seen the ending (maybe I'll come back someday just for that).

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8 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.

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